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Last updated on February 3, 2020

Well, I suppose I should add a first blog entry. Actually, the documents I put up previously seem to be showing up in the “blog” so maybe it’s all a blog, still learning the wordpress and blogging vernacular.

Anyway, my new site “time tales – à la recherche du temps” has been up for a couple of days now, and will likely see some changes as days unfold (and my familiarity with the tools increases). If you’ve stumbled on here, or been directed here by a discussion forum, I hope you enjoy your stay, however long or short it might be.

My intent is to use this site to share some of my humble horological findings, and a few documents I’ve authored and in some cases published. Since publishing in the press can be an onerous task, I figured it might be easier to publish some of my findings here, especially for works-in-progress, or complementary information that just wouldn’t fit in a published article with size restrictions.

I’m going to try to keep some of the site’s content bilingual, in part because the subject matter I deal with most often is French horology from the 18th century, mainly in Paris.

Je vais essayer de garder une partie du contenu du site bilingue, parce que les sujets qui me préoccupent le plus souvent traitent de l’horlogerie française du 18ième siècle, principalement à Paris.

Good reading, bonne lecture!


  1. Dean Turner said:

    Nice website. Do you have an interest in 17thC French Pendule Religieuse clocks and makers? Its a area of interest to me.

    February 1, 2020
    • Robert said:

      Hi Dean, thanks for taking a look at my humble new site (just starting to put some of my content on there).
      You and I exchanged messages on NAWCC in which you had suggested me Pendule Religieuses. Unfortunately I haven’t (yet) explored that area of French Horology very much, which would be facilitated if I were to acquire one of those fine clocks one day. Regards.

      February 2, 2020

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