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Last updated on October 6, 2021

(Le français suit…)

Attached is a PDF version of a presentation I gave (in Nov. 2018 at Chapter 111 of NAWCC in Ottawa) on the subject of Parisian horloger (watch/clockmaker) André-Charles Caron. I later wrote a 2 part article on this subject, which was published in 2019 by the NAWCC Bulletin. The presentation is entitled “Watchmaker’s Shop on Rue Saint-Denis in Paris” and contains some information (pictures etc.) which does not appear in the articles.

J’attache une version PDF d’une présentation (en Anglais) que j’ai donnée (en nov. 2018 au chapitre 111 du NAWCC à Ottawa) sur le sujet de l’horloger parisien André-Charles Caron. Par la suite, j’ai écrit un article en 2 parties qui fut publié en 2019 par le Bulletin du NAWCC. La présentation est intitulée “Un atelier d’horloger de la rue Saint-Denis à Paris” et contient des informations (images etc.) qui ne figurent pas dans les articles.


October 2021: A Caron watch was recently sold at auction in France. Since my Caron movement, featured in my presentation above, does not have the dial, I thought I would share a couple of photos from the recent online auction, to illustrate the dial and hands on his watches. Both are pretty typical of what one would find on a Parisian verge watch from the 1740-1750 period, which is when I estimate the watch below was made. Also, this watch features a balance cock carved with the letters of Caron’s name, as does my own Caron watch movement (see title photo at the top of this article).

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