The Nagra IIci

The Nagra IIci

This post deals with the earliest Nagra recorder I ever owned (and since sold to an American collector, when my interests veered to other subjects), a Nagra IIci (the “ci” meant “circuit intégré” – or integrated circuit), the first version of the Nagra to feature such discrete electronic components (transistors, resistors, diodes, capacitors) on a circuit board. The tape transport of this machine was powered by a spring that was wound using a crank, derived from a transport mechanism for a Thorens turntable, similar to what had been used in gramophones for decades). The batteries in the recorder thus were focused on powering the electronics (for magnetic recording and playback).

I had purchased the IIci from an italian man who had inherited it from his deceased uncle who had been a reporter in Rome, in his professional life. The tape transport still worked on it, but the electronics would have needed troubleshooting and repair because of the age and lack of use. Only two models preceded this one, the short-lived Nagra I, and the Nagra II (without “ci”). The IIci recorder was a short-lived transitional model ultimately replaced by the long-lived Nagra III, into which Stefan Kudelski and his staff applied all their energies, and which is my opinion is the quintessential Nagra, which revolutionized remote recording in music and film industries. Information on the Nagra III and subsequent models I have owned will follow in future posts on this theme.

I had created this information page on my Nagra IIci on the site:

Now for some photos of the IIci I once owned.

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