Stefan Kudelski and the origins of the Nagra recorder

Last updated on December 10, 2021

I have decided to write a history of Polish-Swiss engineer-inventor Stefan Kudelski, and the origins and early years of his groundbreaking invention, the Nagra portable tape recorder. It’s an interesting story that has never been told as well as it should, so I am doing this as a labor of love, and out of respect for Stefan and the marvelous recording instruments he created with his early partners.

This history will be posted here as I continue my research and assemble the various bits of material into a cohesive story (from interview transcripts, articles, books, Nagra manuals, etc.). A draft early section is provided below, to give interested readers an idea how this is shaping up. Much more to be told… (Please forgive editorial issues – this text is not yet edited nor finalized…)


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