Below are links to documents I have written related to English Antique Horology (More content to come shortly)

1. An overview of provincial watch and clock making in Colchester, Essex, England, during the period 1710-1850. This is a Powerpoint presentation I prepared and gave in Fall 2019 to our local NAWCC Chapter 111. During the pandemic, it was borrowed and used in a zoom meeting of one of the Antiquarian Horology Society's sections, in the UK. It focuses on the lives and works of 4 makers: John Smorthwait (1675-1739), Nathaniel Hedge 3 (1710-1795), Nathaniel Hedge 4 (1735-1821), and Joseph Banister (1778-1875).

“We clock enthusiasts tend to become bogged down in the details of the clocks, their style, age, fine engraving, unusual escapements. We tend to forget that the maker was not a clock-making machine, but a real person often with far more of a burden in the form of the stresses and worries of life than we experience ourselves.” - Brian Loomes, writing about John Smorthwaite.

Colchester Clockmakers

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