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This updated website (first developed in January 2020) is dedicated to one of my hobbies and passions, ANTIQUE HOROLOGY. In it you will find information pertaining to my explorations and research into the intricate and detailed aspects of watchmakers, clockmakers, and their timepieces. My current interests primarily focus on French/Parisian horologists from the eighteenth century, so many of the articles relate to this small part of the history of global horology. However, I have written some articles dealing with English horology, and other subjects. Some texts are in English, others in French, and others yet in a combination of the two, depending on the subjects and sources quoted. In many cases, I offer my own translation of French texts not previously available in English.

Herein you will find articles that I have written and published on horology (viewable in PDF format), and future articles or works in progress. Also, I will share with you some detailed photos taken during disassembly and inspection of some of the antique watches and clocks in my collection.

Hopefully you will enjoy spending a bit of time browsing my site. In time, I will work at enhancing its esthetic appeal. Please leave comments on what you see, which will help me improve the content over time.

-- You can write the author at rstl9999 @ gmail dot com

Below are links to some of the initial content being made available to antique horology enthusiasts and researchers.

1 - Henry Sully articles (detailed biography, and much extra information on this great but forgotten horologist)

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2 - Various articles on French antique horology (Julien Le Roy, Caron, Lepine, Romilly, etc.)

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3 - Various articles on English antique horology (Edward East, Colchester makers, etc.)

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The author, Robert St-Louis, developed an interest in horology some years ago, after his retirement from a long career in public service. In his quest for knowledge, he has acquired much information from books/magazines, internet sources (such as horological discussion forums), and back-issues of horological publications (such as the NAWCC Bulletin, Antique Horology). He has also acquired some old watchmaking tools, as well as specimens of vintage clocks and watches, and is trying to learn some repair and restoration skills. His interests have gradually coalesced on Parisian watch-makers from the 18th Century. He enjoys researching and writing on this subject, and sharing some of his knowledge with other enthusiasts.

(All original content on this site is the property of Robert St-Louis, Ottawa, Canada)